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Newborn Baby Photographer Stockport – Covering Stockport and the surrounding areas
Let me capture the newness of your Newborn Baby.
Why Book Me?
Being a Mummy I know just how quickly they change and
how important it is to capture your baby in those first few weeks. I wasn’t fortunate enough to capture images of my little boy when he was a newborn but i’m glad I can for you and it fills me with so much happiness when I see your reaction when I pose your Newborn and no i’m capturing those first few days.
Everything changes and flashes by so quickly that you blink and you feel like you have missed something important, whether that be their first smile (or wind, however I like to think Smile) or something more, like you’ve come out of hospital and you haven’t even had time to think about getting your camera out………………So let me do that for you.
I like to photograph Newborn’s between 5 & 14days as Newborns tend to still be fairly sleepy and can be posed
more easily as they sleep more in those first few weeks. I love those really cute curled up poses.
What Happens during my baby’s Newborn Session?
My Newborn sessions last anywhere between 2-4hrs and are completely baby led, so if baby isn’t happy with a pose, I’ll move on and come back to this one later.
During your Newborn Session I try to use at least 1 large prop like a bucket and then focus more on the poses
as this is where I can really capture you little bundle.
Most Mummy’s tend to book their Newborn session just after their 20weeks scan – But if you have already had baby, still pop me over a message and I’ll let you know if i have availability – I can usually fit people in.
I’ve Had my baby – What should I do now?
Babies arrive when they decide! So once you have had your little one, pop me over a message so I can book you in before your little one is 14days old (I can push this to 3weeks)
All of my Newborn Sessions are tailored to suit you.
Should I prepare for my Newborn Session?
On Booking with me, I would have sent you my Booking Confirmation, along with my Contract for you to sign & bring with you on the day. On this email, I like to include a little bit of light reading (War & Peace as some say), but this just highlights what is best to do on the morning of your shoot, It will include things to advise you that babies will poo & wee over my things and that they are all washable, To bring along snacks with you to your session if you like and the most important thing is to relax and let me be your Photographer, Nanny & Friend who you can talk to – I’ve lost count of all the mummy’s who have brought their newborn to one of my sessions and we have become good friends.
Are you Insured and have you had Training – After all you are handling my Newborn
Definitely 100% Yes!
I have full Insurance and my certificate is in my studio
My first ever Newborn was photographed on a sheet on a beanbag and I didn’t move her too much for fear she may wake up! But I needed to build up a portfolio so I put out lots of Model Calls. So before I even dreamed of attempting the “Froggy Pose” or “Taco Pose” or “Baby in a Bucket Pose” I knew I had to train for this.
I was trained by Laura Rhian of Laura Rhian Photography who is based in Stoke.
Your baby’s safety is my No.1 Priority.
I’ve photographed so many babies I’ve lost count! so rest assured that when handling your baby I treat them like they are my own, I give lots of cuddles and help them drift off to sleep.
Could I take a Sneaky Pic on my phone?
For a lot of photographers this is a BIG No No – The way I see it is you’ll possibly not get them into the positions I pose them in or will you edit them in my style, plus my blankets will probably be messy and they won’t look like the end result in your gallery once they have all been edited and look beautiful. If you would like to take a picture just ask me but try to remember……..That’s what your paying me to do, it’s what I love to do. Oh! and as long as you get me in at least one for their memory box!
How come they take so Long?
Newborns can’t speak and say “Emma, I’m not keen on this pose, Could we move on” or “I’m so tired, and my eyes are so sleepy but i’m definitely not going to sleep”.
So these time frames are given as a guide. Some Newborn Sessions are done in 2hrs, some take longer as Newborns generally need extra cuddles, little top up feeds and more than likely, little accidents will happen, so this gives me time to re-setup and usually change my clothes – If you get what I mean!
*Session Fee’s must be paid at the time of booking to secure your date and your chosen Digital Images Package is due on the day.
Your Session includes:
3-4 hour shoot at my studio
My time and attention when posing your newborn baby
Full use of all my props including, Hats, Headbands, Wraps, Bowls, Larger Props like Buckets, Bowls, Wooden Crate,
Wooden Tub.
Gallery of around 20-30 Images to choose from

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Newborn & Baby Photographer
Based in Stockport Town Centre
Stockport, Reddish, Heaton Norris, Heaton Moor, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Chapel, Burnage, Ashton, Hyde, Tameside, Manchester, Oldham, Failsworth and surrounding areas


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