What to Expect  

Newborn Session – 5 to 14days


The best age for a Newborn Photoshoot Shoot

The best age to capture your Newborn baby in those gorgeous curled up poses is between 5-14 days but anywhere up to 3 weeks is great.

I find as babies approach the 3 week old stage, they become more awake and alert and some poses can be harder to achieve.

Many parents often ask me for Composite poses like the Froggy Pose or a picture of their baby in a Bucket with their head resting on their hands. These image are my favourite to do, however baby ideally needs to be very sleepy for these poses. With all Composite images, I may ask mum or dad for help in these images, but don’t worry I will edit your image so that no hands or arms of mum and dad are in the image.

If Mum or Dad would like to be included in some of these images, let me know before the session so that I can prepare backdrops etc then we can co-ordinate before the session about clothing etc.

Preparing for your Newborn Shoot

Try to keep your baby as active as possible for about an hour before their shoot. On arrival I always ask parents to undress baby down to their nappy and wrap them in a blanket they are familiar with. Once they have had their feed I will take baby and continue to soothe and settle until they go sound off to sleep.

During the shoot I use White Noise, which can be the sound of an un-tuned radio, Hairdryer or Hoover as these noises seem to settle babies and helps them to relax and stay calm.

If baby doesn’t feel like sleeping, I will try to capture some beautiful awake shots for you, although posed asleep shots are my speciality.

My Newborn sessions can last anywhere between 2-4 hours. This gives plenty of time for feeding your baby in case they need a few feeds along the way or even little top-ups. All babies are different and I work the session around your baby.

Because the sessions can be long, please feel free to bring some snacks if you would like, or even your favourite book or magazine. If your baby has a dummy then please bring that if it helps to settle them. Remember to bring a few bottles of milk if your baby is bottlefed.

Little Accidents….

It happens! Usually on Me……….. Wee’s & Poo’s are expected to happen and more than once. Please note that all of my fabrics and backdrops are washable and will not be ruined.

Little Sitters & Cake Smash

Little Sitters & Cake Smash Shoots don’t need as much preparation as a Newborn shoot. I provide outfits and props and you can sit back and relax whilst I capture their personality.


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